Arts Vs Science Essay Example For Students

Based on the brief analysis above, the conclusion that can be drawn regarding bachelor of art vs science is that both have their own advantages. It depends on your character as well as your vision for the future. This section details the employment opportunities for professionals with BA and BS degrees in the same major. You should use these common examples as a starting point for your research.

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Students from countries with post-16 baccalaureate systems are far more likely to study a mix of arts and sciences. Another example in the working world would have to be the phenomenal creation and growth of Apple Inc. In some circles, Steve Jobs has been referred to as an artist because of how he approached the design of the hardware and product finishes. The symbiotic relationship between art and science has existed for a long time.

  • It may be through having a show at a gallery and/or seeking feedback from viewers.
  • It turned out, Wilson said, that 70% of older engineers fixed their cars, and 20% had some experience with wrenches.
  • What these experiments clearly demonstrate is the fact that we can create a thing using same input and different processes.
  • A well known study (Root-Bernstein, Allen, et al, 2008) showed that the more renowned a scientist, the more likely they were to be actively engaged in the arts.
  • He convinced his former high school friends, Jim Finn and Dan Williams to join.

As humans, we are like the other animals that sometimes are “tamed”. Research over time has shown us that we can observe patterns in behavior in most people . Once this data is collected, we can therefore make predictions as to outcomes. Silicon Valley business leaders are focused “shareholder value”, and “investor returns”, while knowledge workers are concerned with “metrics” and improving their skillsets to stay competitive. What could possibly be in it for them to invest in something immeasurable like art?

Comparing Stem Vs Steam: Why The Arts Make A Difference

Decision making is merely risk management which equates to gaming, in a sense. We are all humans put on earth to learn “lessons” and we don’t learn our lessons by avoiding risks or agonizing over every little detail in life. Whatever happened to merely “deciding” and then suffering the consequences of choice?

Social Science

Some areas of knowledge seek to describe the world, whereas others seek to transform it. It’s the age old question in our field and it’s extremely hard to answer it specifically. It’s a deceivingly simple question, but I’m certain you could talk to your colleagues for hours, arguing back and forth on it. Each side would likely bring to the table good thoughts, facts, and stories, but in the end, no one would really have a true winning answer.

Turning Stem Into Steam

I think we have to return to questioning choices and what the impact of the choice is on our lives and businesses. In order to manage all the choices and mini-decisions we have to make I believe we use habit more and more to handle the load. Decision making is an art as well as a science but time has become very valuable to us so we use marketing and advertising to make our decisions. Specialisation within a closed ecosystem cannot possibly provide such valuable results as an open, inclusive network that actively promotes input from all directions.

For scientists, a narrower field of study gives them the opportunity to dive deeper into their investigations. It means that they can now move from a discipline to a field and then into a subfield where they can spend time and effort on an issue that would have never been possible before. I wouldn’t volunteer ‘choosing’ into the realm of sciences – a highly disciplined field barely grasped in its entirety by the human race. Business which wish to succeed with their offerings need to provide enough choice to stroke the ego, but not so much as to destroy the ego. I suppose that depends on your point of view on whether ego management is more art or science. People like choice because it strokes their ego in two ways.

I’m on a mission to revolutionize education with the power of life-changing art connections. We are empowering teachers to bridge the gap between art making and art connection, kindling a passion for art that will transform generations. In this project, students make a watercolor painting of Jupiter. I love how Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom teaches the science as the project goes on–the gas storms, why Jupiter has a red spot, Jupiter’s moons, etc. She also has a cool science project idea for Jupiter in a later post as well. The scientific “purity” of much of the research undertaken throughout the various behavioral science fields is also much debated.

While learning the basic techniques of perspective, shading, tone, and texture throughout grade school, the emphasis was always on accurate representation. My peers who drew the most lifelike trees were lauded, while the budding Mondrians of the class were scolded for their geometric renditions. This emphasis on accurate representation made it difficult for me to appreciate abstract art when I was younger.

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